MIO Help

What is MIO, and what can I use it for?

MIO is a new website aimed directly at colleagues. It’ll serve as a place for you to keep all the tools you need to do your job day to day, and can be customised to your requirements. You’ll also find links to new content, such as SHORTs which will be your gateway to informal learning, communities of interest and best practice and project sites to help you manage complex projects as well as your day to day tasks. 

Sounds great – how do I register?

Registering for MIO is really simple. click “Register” and enter your work e-mail address. You’ll be sent an e-mail with a unique link – follow this to complete your registration and set your password, and you’re in! Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to login with your E-number and the password you’ve just set. You can also access MIO from your own devices so you won’t always have to be at work if you want to login and check any of the new sites.

Who can use MIO?

At the moment, as long as you’ve got a staff number, you can register and start using MIO straight away, this includes colleagues from SAN UK, SanOps and SanTech to name a few.

I’ve forgotten my password – how do I get back in?

If you forget your password, there is no need to worry – head back to https://mio.santander.co.uk and click “Forgot your password?” – enter your work e-mail address when asked to do so, and you’ll be sent an e-mail which will allow you to reset your password.

That’s great, but I’ve tried to register/reset my password, but I’ve not received an e-mail.

No need to panic, sometimes the e-mails can take a little while to come through, but if you don’t receive your e-mail, you can e-mail the MIO Admin team at btrad1@Santander.co.uk and they’ll be able to assist.